Foot Reflexology

A complementary therapy which applies pressure to reflex points mapped to an image of the human body reflected on the feet. It stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body via the nervous and endocrine systems as well as the vascular and lymphatic circulatory systems, which helps to rebalance the body, reduce stress, and facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. Each session ends with a foot massage which includes work on any areas that are tight or have a buildup of crystals. My massage also focuses on the meridian source points described in my traditional Chinese medicine service.

Advanced Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift

Using the Ziggie Bergman method, this treats reflex areas reflected on the face, evoking a response in the related organ or system in the body. Because the face has a rich supply of nerves and blood vessels, treatment enhances circulation and stimulates facial nerve functions, lymphatic flow, and muscle tone in the face. This therapy is a wonderful combination of reflex stimulation and gentle massage. I am supported by my background in Vietnamese Dien Chan facial reflexology which assists in recognizing any active points on the face which indicate stress in the corresponding organ. Zone Face Lift includes facial reflexology; face, neck and scalp massage and gentle gua sha lifting & sculpting of the face contours.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

RLD is an award winning and unique reflexology technique which stimulates the lymphatic reflexes on the feet to promote lymph drainage and is based on the principles of manual lymph drainage. It was researched and developed by Sally Kay in the UK to support cancer patients suffering from lymphoedema and is also helpful for allergies, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions. This gentle and non-invasive treatment complements the reflexology method used in South Africa. A great advantage of this treatment is that it is applied on the feet and not on the tender limbs and the patient does not need to remove their compression garment if they do not wish to.

Auricular Therapy

As with foot and facial reflexology, microcosms of the body’s organs and systems are reflected in the outer ear (auricle). The rich nerve supply to this area makes the ear highly responsive to stimulation and useful for the treatment of ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome, depression, weight control and chronic fatigue syndrome amongst many others. A detector tool (not a needle) is used to identify and stimulate sensitive points in the auricle. Vaccaria seeds are applied to the points and held in place by a very small bandage. You can massage the seed at any time, and they can be replaced as needed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Meridians

Observation of tender areas along acupressure meridians provides an early warning of stress on the organs or congestions in the meridian pathways. One example is the gall-bladder meridian which extends down from the outer corner of the eye, around the side of the head and along the side of the body right to exit at the fourth toe. Working on the gall-bladder acupressure points on the dorsal foot may provide relief from headaches and migraines. The six main meridians either begin or end on the foot: Stomach, Spleen / Pancreas, Bladder, Kidney, Gall-bladder, and Liver. The source points of these meridians are found on the foot and working on them during my massage helps to activate and balance the vital energy of the meridians.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – The Five Elements

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the 5 Elements are a template that organizes all natural phenomena into five master groups or elements in nature which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These are dynamic groups with a relationship of generation and support between each element. If one element fails to provide enough generation or support for the next one, we feel unwell either physically or emotionally. The 5 elements incorporate the major organs / meridians of the body: Wood – Liver and Gallbladder; Fire – Heart, Small Intestine, Circulation and Endocrine system; Earth – Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas; Metal – Lung and Colon and Water – Bladder and Kidney. On request, I can provide an analysis of your five elements. This is treated as a consultation.